A graduate of the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design and former resident of the Benyamini Center of Contemporary Ceramics, Gur Inbar first studied at the feet of his great aunt. Dexterous and focused, she knitted patterns and garments with the attentive skill of an artisan. The shapes she conjured out of string, needle, and air influenced his young world — the land and culture on a kibbutz — and inspired a lifelong curiosity in the interplay between art and form and meaning.

Every object bears a story that can never be finally, permanently forgotten. The Samaritan lamps, intricate coffins, and coins of empires unearthed throughout his homeland captivate Inbar's mind and imagination: What was their creator’s intention, and how did they influence their old world and culture? Local archeology and traditional crafts appear throughout his work in the figures, strokes, and colors that reach back to something original. Inbar draws from ancient techniques and objects to bring new shapes into his craft and world. His work absorbs both the past and the habits, art, and frenetic energies of the contemporary reality before him.

Inbar works primarily with porcelain and stoneware, and mostly on the wheel. He finds inspiration in everything, and adopts new techniques and materials into his process. He lives and works in Tel Aviv.




2020, Whisper – the Cube art gallery, Jerusalem 

2019, Bathing hour – Tel Aviv Illustration week 

2019, Group Exhibition – Givat Haim art Gallery, Givat Haim 

2018, Terra Cotta Rave – Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv 

2018, Ha BeHa Talya – Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv 

2018, Fresh Paint Art Fair – Tel Aviv 

2017, Fresh Paint Art Fair – Tel Aviv 


2011-2015 – the Ceramics and Glass Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.